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Self-Paced Online Trainings

Self-paced instruction at RCAP provides an easy way to access the curriculum you need, when you need it. Review our course information via the web and set your own schedule for learning.

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Train at your own pace

GLRCAP self-paced training provides instruction for water system operators, government officials and local administrators. If traveling for in-person training is not an option, consider the courses provided by GLRCAP. Instruction can be taken for class credit, or as a way to supplement your own in-house coursework.

Registering with ISpring
RCAP offers several courses ranging from one to three hours. All courses offer contact hours (except for courses 101 and 201, which offer no credit hours). First, register in the ISpring portal. Then, click on any course below for more information or to begin training.

About Credit for OEPA Principal Forgiveness
In order to receive a certificate for attending, including those who need to complete the course for OEPA Principal Forgiveness awards, you must spend a minimum of 90 minutes reviewing each course (3 hours total for 101 and 201) and complete all exercises, pre and post-test questions.

We encourage all participants to watch the introductory video here to learn how to create a login and track their time spent in each course. It is expected that an average participant may spend 2-3 hours reviewing all materials and you are welcome to take longer in this self-paced course. You are permitted to exit the course and return at any time. All cumulative time is automatically tracked and reported. 

Courses 101 and 201 have not been approved for contact hours for Ohio operators.

If you have any issues with these courses, email

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Interested in RCAP's services? Send us a message at the below link.

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