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Community development in action

Community & Rural Development

Strategies for small communities to build and improve infrastructure, secure and administer project funding, achieve compliance, and increase sustainability.

Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP)

We provide funding solutions for small communities within a seven-state region.


GLCAP Entrepreneurship programs offer support for small business owners, whether they want to improve their business or are looking to start a new venture.

Private Well Assistance in action

Private Well Assistance

GLCAP can assist you if you own a home in a rural area and use well water supplies. We can help assess the quality of your water well and provide low-interest..

Great Lakes Consortium in action

Great Lakes Consortium

Each year, the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development supports international programming for both local communities and communities.

Five Things You Can Do to Save Energy in Your Utility

How can a drinking water or wastewater systemin a rural community become more energy-efficient and, at the same time, reduce its operating budget? There are a few quick answers and easy targets in the pursuit to conserve energy.

RCAP , Community and Rural Development

Village Goes Through Staff Change and Comes Out Stronger on the Other Side

The Village of Lake Nebagamon in Wisconsin is back on the right path after hitting a few bumps in the road. How they got back on track is a story about what happens when a dedicated town and RCAP staff come together to work on and solve issues in a community.

RCAP , Community and Rural Development