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The Great Lakes Community Action Partnership People Helping People Fund helps residents in our communities meet needs that go above and beyond what we are able to provide through our grant-funded programs. For nearly 30 years, GLCAP has been able to provide assistance for medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and other needs through the People Helping People Fund.

Donations to GLCAP People Helping People provide support for particular needs that go beyond those already covered by our existing grant-funded programs. In past years, the fund has helped:

  • A working mom pay for a security deposit to move to a new apartment
  • An elderly couple pay for a portion of the expenses incurred for drilling a new well
  • A vehicle repair for a Head Start parent to be able to provide transportation for school.
  • Many more people in need of assistance

All contributions to the GLCAP People Helping People Fund are tax-deductible and go directly to our community members. No donations are used for administrative expenses, and all donations stay local. Make a donation today that will go towards helping your community in the future.

CARES Act Donations


Donate to our People Helping People Fund. The link will take you our donation page hosted by Cheddar Up.