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Great Lakes Community Action Partnership programs meet community needs for education, senior support, housing, and other services. Your donations to our People Helping People Fund allow us to extend our support even further.

Donations to GLCAP People Helping People provide support for particular needs that go beyond those already covered by our existing grant-funded programs. In past years, the fund has helped:

  • A widow pay for utilities after her husband suddenly passed away
  • A working father pay for emergency medical care not covered by insurance
  • A grandmother purchase childcare supplies after receiving guardianship of her grandchildren during a family crisis
  • A senior citizen remain mobile and independent by covering the costs of a car repair
  • A new mother afford the cost of travel to and from the hospital after her baby was born prematurely
  • Many more people in need of assistance


All contributions to the GLCAP People Helping People Fund are tax-deductible and go directly to our community members. No contributions are used for administrative expenses. Please consider giving to People Helping People. Whatever the amount, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

People Helping People Fund

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