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RCAP team at work

Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP)

The Great Lakes Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) provides solutions for small communities for a variety of needs. Great Lakes RCAP provides solutions for small communities for a variety of needs, and is part of the nationwide Rural Community Assistance Partnership network. Great Lakes RCAP serves a seven-state region that includes Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Great Lakes RCAP Services by State

About RCAP

RCAP can help communities:

  • Gain access to safe drinking water supplies, protect groundwater supplies and watersheds, and treat and properly dispose of wastewater
  • Plan and finance infrastructure projects
  • Administer grants
  • Understand state and federal environmental regulations and requirements


  • Responsibly manage and operate community facilities
  • Prepare energy audits and environmental reports
  • Develop rate studies and asset management plans
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments and develop emergency response planning
  • Develop a vision for the future and build leadership capacity in the community


About National RCAP

National Rural Community Assistance Partnership
Director Nathan Ohle discusses the role RCAP plays in
helping small communities.

Wastewater Systems in Your Community

Senior Rural Development Specialist Bud Mason 
for GLCAP/RCAP, gives an overview of
wastewater collection systems.

Good Water Practices

Learn about how you can help your community's
wastewater systems through responsible
home water usage.

It's All About the Data

What can Geographic Information System (GIS)
data do for communities? A lot. Watch to learn
more about GIS.

Regional RCAP Staff

Deb Martin

Kristin Woodall
Assistant Director

Angie McConnell
Loan and Grant Specialist

Robin Ross
MIS Coordinator

John Rauch
Regional RCAP Coordinator


Valerie Van Fleet
Program Assistant


RCAP helps small communities in need secure funding

Water lines, sanitary and storm sewers, and other infrastructure are usually hidden from plain sight in most communities.

Water well program helps Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin homeowners with loans

Ohio rural homeowners who need to repair or construct new wells may be eligible for a low-interest loan through the Household Water Well Program (HHWWP). Administered by the Great Lakes Community Action Partnership Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP), HHWWP offers an up to $11,000 loan for water-well construction or repairs. Loans carry an interest rate of 1 percent. Loan maturity may not exceed 20 years and will depend on the borrower’s repayment ability. Borrowers will be responsible for associated loan costs such as recording and other fees.

Private Well Assistance in action

Private Well Assistance

GLCAP can assist you if you own a home in a rural area and use well water supplies. We can help assess the quality of your water well and provide low-interest..

Community Loan Fund in action

Community Loan Fund

Learn how the GLCAP Community Loan Fund provides loans for facility improvements.

Planning & Development in action

Planning & Development

See how we use our 50 years experience in planning and development services to help benefit communities.

Grant Writing Services in action

Grant Writing Services

Our planning and development professionals have a long record of writing successful grant applications. Learn more today.