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Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP)

The Great Lakes Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) provides solutions for small communities for a variety of needs, and is part of the nationwide Rural Community Assistance Partnership network. Great Lakes RCAP serves a seven-state region that includes Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.


Great Lakes RCAP Services by State

About RCAP

One of our Success Stories

GLCAP RCAP Helps Small Town
with Infrastructure Needs

Learn how GLCAP's Great Lakes RCAP
staff helped the Village of New Boston, Ohio,
improve its sewer system. This video was
made by the U.S. Administration for
Children & Families and is hosted
on the USACF's YouTube channel.


Great Lakes RCAP can help communities access safe drinking water supplies, protect groundwater supplies and watersheds, and treat and properly dispose of wastewater. RCAP can also help communities:

  • Plan and finance infrastructure projects

  • Prepare NEPA environmental reports

  • Administer grants

  • Understand state and federal environmental regulations and requirements

  • Responsibly manage and operate community facilities

  • Develop rate studies and asset management plans

  • GPS locating and GIS mapping/inventorying of assets

  • Assess the condition of water distribution and wastewater collection systems

  • Conduct vulnerability assessments and develop emergency response planning

  • Develop a vision for the future and build leadership capacity in the community


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RCAP’s newest guidebook on the basics of financial management for small community utilities. 

Click here for the PDF version or to view the digital flipping book.




Wastewater Systems in Your Community

Senior Rural Development Specialist Bud Mason 
for GLCAP/RCAP, gives an overview of
wastewater collection systems.


Good Water Practices

Learn about how you can help your community's
wastewater systems through responsible
home water usage.


It's All About the Data

What can Geographic Information System (GIS)
data do for communities? A lot. Watch to learn
more about GIS.


RCAP Managerial and Financial Hub


The national Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) has put together a financial and managerial resource hub for small communities. The hub contains links to resources on 11 finance and management topics from RCAP, EPA, and other organizations.

Access the hub at this link.

More information on the national RCAP is available at

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Benton Harbor: A Chance to Show RCAP is more than Technical, Financial, and Managerial.

We spend so much time checking boxes that I think we forget that RCAP is more than just a technical advisor; sometimes we must take the time to deliver purpose and worth.

RCAP , Community and Rural Development

Cybersecurity for Water Systems

Cybersecurity for Water Systems, By Luke Newey, Senior Rural Development Specialist, GLCAP  Written for RCAP "Drop of Knowledge"  Cybersecurity remains a prominent topic in 2024, and its vital

RCAP , Community and Rural Development
Private Well Assistance in action

Private Well Assistance

GLCAP can assist you if you own a home in a rural area and use well water supplies. We can help assess the quality of your water well and provide low-interest..

Financial Opportunity Center in action

Financial Opportunity Center

Looking to get ahead, but don’t know where to start? The Financial Opportunity Center at Great Lakes Community Action Partnership can help.