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Rural Development

GLCAP community development programs offer opportunities for small communities to rebuild their economies and create more livable communities in which all residents can thrive.

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Community-led Rural Development

GLCAP RCAP believes that small communities have the people and the power to be successful. Community-Led Rural Development is an approach that empowers communities to create visions and plans based on self-defined prosperity. The process focuses on developing and implementing homegrown strategies based on sustainable models of local ownership and building on local assets. It is led by local stakeholders dedicated to enhancing economic opportunity and quality of life for residents. GLCAP helps small communities reach these goals through training, technical assistance, capacity-building and networking with like-minded communities across the U.S.


Cooperative Services

RCAP helps small communities develop the necessary support systems to help local businesses start and grow. We can work with local community leaders, directly with businesses and with schools. 


According to the Project for Public Spaces, “placemaking is a participatory process for shaping public space that harnesses the ideas and assets of the people who use it.” RCAP helps communities develop local placemaking projects to improve quality of life

Youth Engagement

Is your community, like many others, being impacted by losing talented young people that leave and don’t return (the “brain drain”)? Engaging young people of all ages can help foster a greater sense of community and place for them, making them more likely to return home. RCAP can help develop ideas and plans for cultivating greater civic engagement of youth while giving them important life skills and better academic and social success and well-being.

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