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Mobility Management

GLCAP's Mobility Management program helps educate the public on local transportation resources, provide travel training, and conduct other services to coordinate and improve access to transportation.

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Connecting people to transportation

What is Mobility Management?
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With different transportation options available in every community, Mobility Management can help you find the right transportation provider for your needs. Mobility Management works with senior citizens, fixed-income individuals, people with disabilities, and other riders to connect you with transportation that best fits your travel preferences and your life.

We also offer travel trainings to provide education on scheduling rides, boarding and exiting vehicles, using wheelchairs and other mobility devices, understanding fares and rules, and other topics related to accessing transportation. One-on-one and group trainings are available.

Learn about transportation in your county

Transportation Jobs

Drivers needed


Ottawa County — OCTA
Part Time Driver (CDL not required)
Click here to apply.

Sandusky County — TRIPS
Part Time Van Driver(s)
Click here to apply.

Seneca County — SCAT
Three full-time and two part-time Class C drivers
for upcoming fixed routes; Two part-time drivers
for demand response
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Our Staff

Tim Bergeman
Mobility Management Coordinator

Mindy Birkholz
Mobility Management Assistant 

Lee Graeter
Mobility Management Advocate


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Transportation Related Resources

Ohio Mobility Management District Map

More information on Ohio's Mobility Management
program is available at the ODOT website
at this link.

CarFit events scheduled in your area.

CarFit is an educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles "fit" them. CarFit also provides information and materials on community-specific resources that could enhance their safety as drivers, and/or increase their mobility in the community. Learn more at




Your Move Ohio educates Ohioans on safety measures, laws and resources surrounding active transportation.
Learn more at

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