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Private Property Pipe

Private Property Pipe Toolkit

Private property sewer laterals and water service lines are often significant sources of inflow into sanitary sewers and unaccounted water loss in distribution systems. Before spending millions of dollars on projects to increase treatment and storage capacity, local officials should consider investigating the impacts of failing property pipes tied to their systems. This can often be the most cost effective way to address these problems. This toolkit assembled by RCAP with the help of the law firm O’Toole McLaughlin Dooley & Pecora, Co LPA offers examples of legislation, policies and procedures, and community outreach materials to help small systems effectively tackle these issues.

RCAP Private Property Legal Toolkit - Prepared in Partnership with O'Toole, McLaughlin, Dooley & Pecora

Private Sewer Pipe Toolkit

Private LSL Replacement Ordinance

Patrick Ward Biography

If you missed our webinar on Tackling Private Property Pipe Issues, please view our latest video from Patrick Ward.

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