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United Way grant helps GLCAP keep seniors safe

United Way grant helps GLCAP keep seniors safe

The United Way of Sandusky County is helping Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP) keep seniors safe by providing a $2,970 grant to purchase a temperature detection camera to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

The camera will be placed in the entryway of the Sandusky County Senior Campus in Fremont and will be used to detect elevated body temperatures of staff or visitors to the center. Temperature detection will provide an additional safety measure for staff who come into contact with seniors during meal deliveries, grab and go meal distribution and other services.

“Our staff have been taking extra precautions during the pandemic to avoid spreading COVID-19, especially among the senior population we serve,” GLCAP Senior Services Director Robin Richter said. “A temperature detection camera will further our efforts by identifying staff who have a fever, but are perhaps unaware of it, so they may seek further treatment and avoid coming into contact with other staff or seniors.”

The donation is part of the United Way of Sandusky County’s COVID-19 Response Fund that is designated to assist local organizations with needs related to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The United Way of Sandusky County is proud to support GLCAP Senior Center during the COVID-19 crisis,” United Way of Sandusky County Executive Director Abby Aldrich said. “The goal of our COVID-19 Response Fund is to make sure valuable programs, like the Sandusky County Senior Center, continue to offer the critical services they provide to those in need.

“Together, we are changing lives today for a better tomorrow. When you give to United Way of Sandusky County, you give joy exponentially,” Aldrich added.

For more information on GLCAP Senior Services, visit For more information on the United Way of Sandusky County, visit

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