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RCAP Services in Illinois

The Illinois Rural Community Assistance Program assists small communities throughout Illinois with utility, financial, asset management and other needs. Illinois GLRCAP is part of Great Lakes RCAP, administered by Great Lakes Community Action Partnership.


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Illinois RCAP Services

A comprehensive list of services available through Illinois RCAP

RCAP Training

Available trainings in asset management, project funding, utility costs and more.

GIS Mapping Services

Map water lines and other community assets with GIS.


Information to help small communities.


RCAP receives state and federal funding under the following programs, which will pay for its technical assistance to qualified communities.

  • Appalachian Regional Commission and Governor's Office of Appalachia
  • Ohio EPA - Division of Drinking and Groundwater
  • Ohio Water Development Authority
  • US Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Community Services
  • US EPA Safe Drinking Water
  • US EPA Wastewater
  • USDA — Rural Utilities Service — Technitrain Program
  • USDA — Rural Housing Service — Rural Community Development Initiatives Program

Availability under each program is limited based on the funding received each year.  Communities that do not qualify for grant funded assistance can receive RCAP services for a fee covering its expenses.  RCAP is administered by the Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (a trade name of WSOS Community Action Commission), a 501(c)3 non-profit agency.  RCAP also specializes in a number of services not covered under these grants, such as asset management plans, rate studies, environmental reports and grant administration, for a fee covering its expenses.

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