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United Way helps GLCAP support senior meals

United Way helps GLCAP support senior meals

Great Lakes Community Action Partnership’s Meals on Wheels program continues to thrive because of the support from the United Way of Sandusky County, local volunteers and the community.

In 2018, 386 homebound seniors in Sandusky County received home-delivered meals through Meals on Wheels. By providing weekday nutrition assistance, Meals on Wheels allows seniors to remain in their homes longer, and ensures that homebound seniors are safe.

“A weekday visit from one of our Meals on Wheels drivers offers seniors a warm, nutritional meal as well as a safety check,” GLCAP Senior Services Director Robin Richter said.

“Just as important is the fact that for some of our clients, a Meals on Wheels driver might be the only person they see in a day,” Richter added. “Our drivers are compassionate people who want to know how the people they visit are doing and how their day is going. We want them to know that we care.”

Last year, GLCAP Senior Services provided 66,632 meals through Meals on Wheels and at senior center locations in Clyde, Fremont and Gibsonburg. Along with meals at these sites, centers offer exercise, games, educational presentations, entertainment and other programs for active Sandusky County seniors.

GLCAP offers Meals on Wheels to homebound Sandusky County seniors ages 60 and older. For more information, visit or call 1-800-775-9767.

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