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TRIPS celebrates Ohio Loves Transit with free shuttle rides Feb. 14

TRIPS celebrates Ohio Loves Transit with free shuttle rides Feb. 14

TRIPS Public Transportation in Sandusky County joins transit providers throughout Ohio in recognizing Ohio Loves Transit week this February. In 2022, TRIPS demand-response service and shuttle service provided more than 31,000 rides throughout Fremont and Sandusky County. TRIPS thanks its passengers for riding the service and also recognizes TRIPS drivers, dispatchers, and staff  who help keep Sandusky County moving.

As Ohio public transit providers recognize Ohio Loves Transit week in February, TRIPS will share the love by offering free rides on the Fremont Shuttle on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14.

The shuttle operates 8 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays with east-side and west-side routes that stop at 17 total locations throughout Fremont every hour. Locations include apartment complexes, medical facilities, and shopping locations throughout the city. Fare is typically $1 per ride.

“We invite anyone who has not yet ridden the shuttle to give it a try on Feb. 14. The fare is on us,” GLCAP Assistant Senior & Mobility Services Director Tim Bergeman said.

In 2022, the shuttle provided 8,018 rides and traveled 64,701 miles throughout Fremont.

In addition to these rides, TRIPS demand-response service provided 23,834 rides for Sandusky County residents last year and traveled 283,640 miles. The service operates 5 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 5 a.m.-noon on Saturday. Fare is $2-$4 per ride, depending on the location of travel.

“We appreciate all the passengers who have ridden TRIPS and our drivers and staff who make it all happen,” Bergeman said.

TRIPS is a service of Great Lakes Community Action Partnership. More information on TRIPS services is available at

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