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Library, Potter Village added to TRIPS Shuttle route

Library, Potter Village added to TRIPS Shuttle route

Birchard Public Library and Potter Village Shopping Center will be among several new stops to the TRIPS Fremont Shuttle Service starting Feb. 28.

The additions come as part of several modifications to the TRIPS Orange and Green Line shuttle routes that serve the east and west sides of Fremont, respectively. The new route schedule is available here.  


“Passengers frequently asked that Birchard Library and Potter Village be included in our shuttle routes, so we listened to our passengers when updating our routes,” GLCAP Rural Transit Director Jacquie Wells said. “We also knew that an additional stop in easy walking distance would help east-side passengers who wanted to use the shuttle, so we added a stop at the east-side Advance Auto Parts to help meet this need.”

Over the course of the past year, TRIPS staff reviewed shuttle usage statistics to gauge which shuttle stops were popular among passengers. Staff then revised the routes to reduce the number of lesser-used stops and add stops that were more in-demand.

The cost to ride the TRIPS Fremont Shuttle remains $1 per one-way ride. Further details are available at

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