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Salvation Army helps GLCAP families at Christmas

Salvation Army helps GLCAP families at Christmas

Volunteers and staff from the Salvation Army Port Clinton Service Center and GLCAP's Port Clinton Early Childhood Center took part a holiday gift drive Dec. 14-15. The Salvation Army, Ottawa County Holiday Bureau, and Marines Toys for Tots assisted 340 families, including 55 families in GLCAP Early Childhood programs.


A single piece of mail led to a new connection and a very happy Christmas for Head Start families in Port Clinton.

About 55 families with children enrolled in the Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP) Port Clinton Early Childhood Center and Home-Based program received children’s gifts through the Salvation Army Port Clinton Service Center’s holiday gift drive in December.

GLCAP Port Clinton Center Specialist Melanie Miller connected with Kami Sayre, Port Clinton Salvation Army director, after the childcare center accidentally received a letter meant for the Salvation Army. This prompted the start of a good conversation between the two.

“I gave them a call and asked them if they needed any volunteers ever,” Miller said. That’s when she learned about the holiday donation drive.

The Salvation Army partners with the Ottawa County Holiday Bureau and Marines Toys for Tots to help families during the holidays. The initiative served approximately 340 families and more than 710 children this past December with food, toys, and clothing needs. Families applied for assistance in November and the items were distributed Dec. 14-15 at the Salvation Army.

Director Kami Sayre had been working for the Salvation Army for about six weeks prior to distribution event.

“I had no idea how much went into it—How many volunteers gave their time. How many folks gave donations,” Sayre said.

Forty volunteers assisted in distributing items to families, Sayre said.

Miller said she was grateful for the connection with the Salvation Army and for Kami’s assistance.

“She took us on board.”

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