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Ohio RCAP Condition Assessment Team Milestones!

Ohio RCAP Condition Assessment Team Milestones!

Ohio RCAP Staff on the Condition Assessment team has achieved some great milestones this past month! The team goes door-to-door in communities to inspect lead service lines and water utilities in homes and businesses to assist in improvements in water system quality.

  • We completed 1000 completed in-home inspections this week (all time since August 2022). We had to knock on over 6000 doors to get to this number. Erica Kriausky and Alyssa Simms were out in New Concord when this happened.
  • We reached 900 total pothole inspections this week. Julia Belopotosky and Jacob Bolton dug the 900th hole in Blanchester.
  • We hit 200 pothole inspections in New Concord, OH alone. Jake Getz has dug most of these himself, including the 200th.
  • Alexis Lowe has passed 900 doors knocked on to attempt in-home inspections on May 2.
  • Our newest team member, Alyssa Simms, has knocked on over 100 doors to attempt in-home inspections.

We have an awesome team who have been working hard through cold days in February, monsoon rain in March, and hot days in April. Way to go, Condition Assessment Team!

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