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Guest shares Japanese Culture with Afterschool Youth

Guest shares Japanese Culture with Afterschool Youth

Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (former WSOS Community Action Commission) Afterschool program students in Clyde and Green Springs elementary schools had a visit from an international guest this February.

Ayane Hida of Kyoto, Japan, came to Green Springs Elementary on Feb. 10 to share her culture with the students.

During her presentation, Hida covered areas of Japanese culture including cuisine, traditions, holidays, and everyday customs.

Hida is visiting the U.S. through a grant from the Japanese government, and is working as the Japanese Outreach Initiative coordinator at the Mazza Museum at the University of Findlay. Hida has shared presentations with elementary, middle and high schools, universities, and other organizations during her U.S. stay.

After her presentation, Hida instructed the students in origami.

Ayane returned to meet again with the students later in March.

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