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Erie County added to GLCAP home rehabilitation and repair service region

Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (formerly WSOS Community Action Commission) will now provide home rehabilitations and repairs for Erie County residents, thanks to a $1.4 million grant.

The Community Housing Impact & Preservation (CHIP) grant awarded to Erie County in October 2017 will allow the county to provide income-eligible residents with necessary home repairs or rehabilitations. GLCAP, which has successfully operated other CHIP programs in other counties since 1994, will administrate the grant.

GLCAP has also added the entirety of Huron County (including the City of Willard) to its service region. Previously, GLCAP had only served the City of Norwalk in that county. The county received a $1.2 million grant for home repairs and rehabilitations through CHIP.

Homeowners as well as renters are eligible for home repair assistance through CHIP. The program offers home repairs that cover electrical, plumbing, roof, ADA modifications and other system upgrades, provided at no cost to the resident. CHIP also offers home rehabilitations for more extensive repair work. Rehabilitations are largely grant-funded, with a portion of the cost covered through a no-interest deferred loan to the homeowner that must be paid at the time of title transfer.

In addition to the Erie County grant, GLCAP will continue to administrate grants that were renewed in 2017 to other counties already served by GLCAP, including:

Allen and Putnam County (including the City of Delphos) with a $1.25
million grant

Sandusky County with a $1.55 million grant

GLCAP also administrates CHIP grants in Ottawa, Seneca, and Hancock counties.

In 2017, GLCAP provided home repairs or rehabilitations for 222 residents in its service region.

"CHIP allows homeowners on a limited income to make needed repairs to improve the safety and security of their homes," Housing Coordinator Tiffaney Shaver said. "CHIP funds can be used to fix unsafe electrical systems, deteriorated roofs, or other needed repairs.

"Funding also enables us to make ADA modifications to homes, which is a great service to residents who are disabled or have limited mobility," Shaver added.

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