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Documentary features New Waterford, RCAP

The Village of New Waterford has been featured in a new documentary that examines water affordability issues in Ohio.

Produced by the Ohio State University, “And Water for All” explores the challenges of water affordability for residents of small communities and large urban systems alike. The documentary was directed by Dr. Ramiro Berardo, an associate professor with the OSU Environmental Policy School of Environment and Natural Resources. Along with the struggles to adequately fund and maintain water and sewer infrastructure across all communities, “And Water for All” also highlights the challenges of rural water and sewer systems where smaller economies of scale often result in higher customer rates.

New Waterford appears in the film as an example of a small community that successfully upgraded its water supply and distribution system, as well as expanded its customer base to include the nearby Crestview School District. The project was aided by the Great Lakes Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP), which helped New Waterford officials plan and obtain grant and subsidized loan funding for system upgrades. The film includes interviews with New Waterford Mayor Shane Patrone and Utilities Superintendent Chad Hess, as well as Great Lakes RCAP Regional Training and Outreach Coordinator Sherry Loos.

“We were thrilled to see New Waterford featured as an example of how rural communities can successfully plan, fund and complete critical infrastructure replacement projects, implement best practices for operations and maintenance, and expand their customer base without overburdening their residents,” Loos said.

“And Water for All” debuted at a World Water Day celebration hosted in Columbus by the Ohio Water Resources Center, Water Management Association of Ohio, and TerrAqua OSU Student Association. The film is available on YouTube at

Great Lakes RCAP is a nonprofit program of Great Lakes Community Action Partnership and provides consulting services and training to help rural communities address drinking water and wastewater treatment needs.  More information is available at

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