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Mobility Management figure

Mobility Management

GLCAP's Mobility Management program helps educate the public on local transportation resources, provide travel training, and conduct other services to coordinate and improve access to transportation.


Connecting people through transportation

With different transportation options available in every community, Mobility Management can help you find the right transportation provider for your needs. Mobility Management works with senior citizens, fixed-income individuals, people with disabilities, and other riders to connect you with transportation that best fits your travel preferences and your life.

Travel training

If you need help using transportation, travel training can help. Mobility Management trainings provide education on scheduling rides, boarding and exiting vehicles, using wheelchairs and other mobility devices, understanding fares and rules, and other topics related to accessing transportation. One-on-one and group trainings are available.

Rider assistance

Mobility Management also offers a Passenger Care Attendant program for riders who may need travel assistance. Passenger care attendants are trained volunteers who help individuals with mobility impairments by offering door-through-door assistance, assistance with grocery bags and packages, and boarding and exiting vehicles.

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For more information on Mobility Management services, call 419-333-5081.



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