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Staff Documents

Agency Announcements

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Welcome New Staff to the GLCAP Family
New Staff 7/06/2020
Staff Anniversaries
Anniversaries July 2020
Wellness Newsletter/Update Wellness Info July 2020
Wellness Program Overview 2020 Wellness Program Overview

Communication from the President/CEO

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President CEO Board Report June 2020 Report

Financial, MIS and Customer Satisfaction Information

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Annual Audit 2019 Annual Audit
Certificate of Good Standing Certificate of Good Standing - 09.16.2019
Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Insurance Certificate of Insurance - 09.18.19-09.18.20
Consolidated Corporate Budget 2020 Consolidated Corporate Budget
CSBG Annual Report CSBG Annual Report  01.01.19-12.31.19
CSBG Community Needs Assessment 2018 CSBG Community Needs Assessment
CSBG ROMA MIS Report CSBG ROMA MIS Report  10.01.19-12.31.19
CSBG ROMA Workplans 2019-2020 CSBG ROMA Workplans
Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 04.01.19-09.30.19
Development Opportunity Chart Development Opportunity Chart  10.01.18-09.30.19
Finance Report May 2020
Form 990 2017-2018 Form 990 — Public Disclosure
Form 990-T 2017-2018 Form 990-T
IRS Determination Letter IRS Determination Letter
ODSA Policies ODSA Grant Operations and Financial
Management Policies
Program List Program List - 07.01.20
Request for Taxpayer Info - W9 W9
Uniform Guidance 2CFR Part 200 Uniform Guidance

Organization Information

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Agency Calendar 2020 Agency Calendar
Agency/Holiday Closings 2020 Agency/Holiday Closings
Annual Report 2018 Annual Report
Board Roster Board Roster 06.03.20
Code of Regulations (Bylaws) September 2019 Signed Board Bylaws
GLCAP Phone and Location Directory Directory 06.30.20
Headquarters Critical Incident Plan Headquarters (HQ) Critical Incident Plan
Headquarters Open-Office Etiquette & Orientation HQ Open-Office Etiquette & Orientation
Strategic Plan 3 Year Strategic Plan  10.01.17-09.30.20
Strategic Plan Year 3 Year 3 Strategic Plan   10.01.19-09.30.20
Table of Organization with Contact Information Table of Organization with Contact Information 05.11.2020
Table of Organization with Program Information Table of Organization with Program Information 05.11.2020

Policies and Procedures

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EEO Update 10.09.18 EEO Update
Fiscal Policies & Procedures WSOS Fiscal Policies & Procedures  03.13.18
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Language Assistance Info LEP Language Assistance
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan 05.09.19
Personnel Policies Personnel Policies & Procedures  05.14.19
Workers Compensation Policy Workers Compensation Policy 11.01.19-10.31.20

Travel Forms and Per Diem

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Per Diem Rates 2019-2020 Per Diem Rates
Travel Reimbursement 2020 Travel Reimbursement Form