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RCAP Training

Basics of Budgeting for Water Utilities

Monday, December 11 | 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm 

Virtual Session

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This training will explain to administrators, council members, board members and operators the basics of establishing a rate of charge that incorporates a "full cost recovery" for their applicable water utility.

The course explains how to research, forecast and construct a water rate of charge that not only covers standard operations and maintenance but includes all applicable set aside escrows needed to maintain the utility well into the future.

This course is a basic rate analysis course that touches briefly on the Asset Management concept of water utility maintenance. Upon completion of this course the attendee will understand the basics of analyzing an existing rate structure and forecasting forward to ensure that all applicable costs are covered in the revenue stream.

This training offers 1.0 "X" drinking water contact hours.

This training was funded and/or carried out as part of the EPA/RCAP Training/Technical Assistance for Small Public Water Systems to Achieve and Maintain Compliance.

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