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Homeless Assistance

Homeless Assistance

Housing support that helps homeless residents get back on their feet, provides rental assistance to prevent homelessness, and assists homeless veterans and their families.

Homeless Assistance

GLCAP can help area homeless residents find stable housing. Learn how we can help find access to supportive services.

Rental Assistance

Learn how GLCAP can help tenants who are behind on rent or late on their rent.

Veteran Support

GLCAP provides homeless assistance programs specifically designed to meet the needs of veterans.

For current program participants

If you are currently receiving assistance through our Permanent Supportive Housing program, click below to make a monthly occupancy fee payment.

Annual homeless count finds those who are often hidden

"I walk around Earth worrying about me." Wearing an old coat and hat, thin and vaguely smelling of alcohol, the man was agitated—maybe even angry—at Ann’s question. It was Wednesday morning, 4:30 a.m. when Ann saw him. She spotted the man on State Street, the main road through Fremont, Ohio. Ann saw him right before stopping to fill her car with gas at a Speedway station. Moving at a pretty fast clip, the man (black, maybe in his 40s) was cutting through the station lot as Ann was pulling up to the pump.


Stable housing for vet leads to second chance

Steve Elliott has a good job, good prospects and a good home. He commutes to his job at a gas and petroleum distribution company in Cleveland from the small, lakeside community of Vermillion, Ohio, where he lives. He calls his car a "beater," but it works for him. Steve likes his neighbors, likes to grill, and likes his quiet community. It may sound simple and may not be glamorous, but it’s a good life for Steve. "I’m content with going to work. I live in a nice neighborhood. I find serenity in that," Steve said.