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Private Well Assistance

GLCAP can assist you if you own a home in a rural area and use well water supplies. We can help assess and educate you on the quality of your water well. We also provide low-interest loans for well repair or replacement.

GLCAP offers two primary services to assist rural well owners with their water wells. Our Water Well Education & Assessment program provides no-cost water well assessments for rural well owners. Our Household Water Well Assistance program provides low-interest financing for home owners for well repair or construction.

For more information on water well
loans, contact:

Angie McConnell
Loan and Grant Specialist

Water Well Loans

The Household Water Well Program provides low-interest loans of up to $11,000 for rural homeowners who need to repair or construct new wells. Loans carry a 1% interest rate. Maturity may not exceed 20 years and depends on the borrower's repayment ability. Borrowers will be responsible for associated loan costs such as recording and other fees. The program is available to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin residents.

Loans are available for residents with a household income at or below the following limits: Illinois — $58,435; Indiana — $55,784; Michigan — $52,097; Ohio — $55,216; Wisconsin — $56,439

Applications for water well loans are available at this link.

For more information, contact: 

Cindy Brookes 
Rural Development Specialist


Click here to apply for a water well assessment.


Private Well Assessments

Private water well assessments help you learn more about your well system and can identify potential threats to your drinking water supply. Well water testing assessments entail an in-person inspection of your well, evaluation of the water source, and education to ensure well water safety.

We can also recommend feasible solutions for identified issues and provide assistance to access federal, state, and other funding for well constructions and repairs.

Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) in action

Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP)

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Home Rehabilitation in action

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