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GIS Team Members

David G

David Garretson

Database Administrator

Laura Schuch

GIS Analyst

Sam E

Sam Eitner

GIS Specialist

Amanda Preslicka

GIS Technician

Michael K

Michael Kirsch

Utility Mapping Technician

Chris S

Chris Sallient

Utility Mapping Technician

Michael Bowker

Utility Mapping Technician

GIS Blog

TRIPS Fremont Shuttle vehicles add bike racks

TRIPS Fremont Shuttle riders now have the option to take their bikes with them as they ride.


Replacement levy supports Sandusky County seniors

Sandusky County seniors will benefit from improved and continued senior services should county voters approve a replacement levy this spring. The levy will be on the May 4, 2021 Sandusky County Special Election ballot.

Senior Services,

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