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In-Person and On Site Classroom Training

For additional online training opportunities, visit our current list of webinars and self-paced training options.

In-Person Training Events

Asset Management for Drinking Water Systems

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

9:00 am to 4:00 pm in London, Ohio

Join us in planning, implementing, and administering an Asset Management Program for drinking water systems to comply with Ohio EPA Rules. We'll examine how Asset Management provides tools and a framework for prioritizing needs and extending the useful life of utility assets. Practical topics to aid in developing and implementing a program are covered, including inventories and condition assessments, BMPs, preventative maintenance, capital improvement planning, and record-keeping. We will explore the roles of different people in an organization to implement Asset Management and the importance of updating the plan each year.
Registration is free. Sponsored by the OEPA.
Submitted for 6.0 "O&M" contact hours

RCAP Lead Learning Lab

Thursday, March 16, 2023 

From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm in Kenton, OH,

RCAP's Lead Learning Lab was developed for water utility operators and other personnel responsible for the compliance, developing lead service line inventories and lead replacement strategies, and interacting with community members around the lead. At the end of this learning lab participants will be able to: 

  • Calculate the 90th percentile lead value and have context for what this value means 
  • Identify service line materials as lead, galvanized, or non-lead 
  • Properly collect 1- and 5-liter samples and discuss the implications on the 90th percentile 
  • Have talking points to discuss sampling results with consumers  
  • The Water Quality Sampling training was developed for water utility operators and others responsible for water quality sampling.
  • Identify appropriate collection containers and sampling locations for various samples
  • Determine an appropriate timeline for sampling and reinforce the importance of planning.

Special thanks to The Mid-Ohio Electric Coop Office in Kenton for hosting this workshop!

Registration is free, but space is limited.

Lunch is on your own.

3.0 O&M drinking water contact hours expected.

Sponsored by USEPA.


Water Quality Monitoring: Before the Sample

Thursday, March 16, 2023 

From 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in Kenton, OH

The purpose of this course is to get the students thinking about what they need to do before they take the sample and ultimately prevent their samples from getting rejected from the lab.

  • Identify appropriate collection containers for various samples.
  • Identify appropriate sampling locations for various samples.
  • Determine an appropriate timeline for sampling and reinforce the importance of planning.

Special thanks to The Mid-Ohio Electric Coop Office in Kenton for hosting this workshop!

This class is submitted for 2.0 O&M Drinking Water Operator Contact Hours.  

Registration is free, but space is limited.

Sponsored by OEPA.


Shared Services & Regional Solutions Workshop

Wensday, March 15, 2023

OHIO University Inn &  Conference Center, Athens, Ohio

8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Many factors are driving more water and sewer utilities to consider shared services and regional solutions, including the tightening workforce, increasing costs, and increasing complexity to meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements. RCAP staff will offer ideas, strategies, and resources to help small water and sewer systems begin the conversation of opportunities to share services. Participants will learn how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their systems to determine potential needs and resources to share. We’ll explore ideas and examples to share equipment, personnel, and infrastructure, and challenge participants to think outside the box in brainstorming solutions. We’ll discuss best practices to overcome hurdles, develop fair contracts, and be a good partner in sharing, providing or receiving services across boundaries.

Registration is free. This training is sponsored by OWDA.
This course will offer 4 O&M Credit hours for Water and Wastewater Operators.

Improve and Exercise Your Contingency Plan - Work Shop

Thursday, May 11, 2023 

9:45 am to 3:00 pm in Lewisburg, Ohio


'Improve and Exercise Your Contingency Plan' provides a brief overview of contingency plan rules and a discussion of how the plan document is tied to other operational guidance such as SOPs, CMMS, and asset management. The goal of the course is to highlight some of the most important aspects of a contingency plan and give ideas on how to improve existing plans. Attendees will see examples of decision flow models, supporting mapping, and embedded images used in contingency plans. The course content is focused on Ohio EPA's regulations and available templates. Operators will be advised to thoughtfully record procedures that objectively lay out steps for dealing with foreseeable emergencies and non-typical events. At its core, this course helps go beyond checklists and think critically about the reality of emergency operations in order to be better prepared for the future. Through the improvement and regular exercise, a contingency plan becomes a user-friendly living document that is critical.
Registration is free. Sponsored by the OEPA.
Approved for 4.0 Drinking Water "O&M" contact hours.


Once registered please note; if the training is more than 45 days out you will not receive a follow-up email. Once within the 45-day window, you will receive the follow-up emails.

Free Training and Facilitation Services at Your Location

RCAP can offer small water and sewer systems serving fewer than 10,000 people free on site training and facilitation for local boards and councils. 

We offer many types of training and facilitation to help local decision makers lead their local utilities and communities more effectively.  The list below includes several training modules and facilitation workshops we can offer at your location.  Communities agree to have a quorum of decision makers and may invite neighboring boards, councils, system managers and other local officials to join. Some of these may also offer 'x' contact hours for operators in attendance. 

Contact us today to discuss your oversight board training needs.


Project Development

Are you facing a large water or sewer capital improvement or expansion project? Do you need to learn how to manage it? Ohio RCAP, in cooperation with the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA), has developed a training course that explains the roles and responsibilities of decision making boards and engineering consultants through the planning, design and construction phases of a major capital improvement project.


The Art & Science of Rate Setting

Are you facing a utility rate increase? Not sure which way to turn? Ohio RCAP, in cooperation with the OWDA, has developed a short course for decisionmakers about setting equitable and sustainable utility rates.


Bring Your Board Together

Does your board or council have a stated mission and level of service goals? Are they in-line with the needs and community development goals for your community?  Are you using these as a framework to steer decision-making throughout the organization.  RCAP can help facilitate your board through visioning, goal setting and strategic planning.


Regional Solutions

Does your water or sewer system need to consider alternatives to partner with another system to provide wastewater treatment, bulk water, or completely merge?  Do you need assistance in determining a fair bulk rate?  Do you need a neutral third party facilitator for negotiations?  RCAP may be able to help.  Give us a call!