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Summer utility assistance serves more than 500

Summer utility assistance serves more than 500

More than 500 households in Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca and Wood counties were helped through the Summer Crisis Program in July and August.

The Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP) program helped 526 households tallied to date with electric bill payments, fans, or air conditioners to provide cooling relief. The program specifically helped households with seniors, as well as those with medical conditions that are adversely affected by excessive heat.

“Extremely hot summer days can be detrimental to the health of seniors and those with medical conditions such as lung disease or asthma,” Joyce McCauley-Benner, basic needs specialist, said. “Having cooling relief ensures that seniors stay safe and that medical conditions are not aggravated by excessive heat.”

Though Summer Crisis Program assistance has ended for the season, GLCAP is still offering assistance through the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus program (PIPP Plus), which sets fixed monthly utility payments for customers based on their income, and utility payment assistance through the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP).

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