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Students celebrate Afterschool program

Students celebrate Afterschool program

Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (formerly WSOS Community Action Commission) Afterschool program students from Clyde McPherson Middle School and Fremont Ross High School joined in the nationwide Lights On Afterschool event on Oct. 26.

The event recognized the opportunities afterschool programs provide to youth, including educational activities, tutoring, extracurricular programming and other services. Students met at the municipal building in Clyde, then took part in a parade through the downtown to Clyde Community Park for games, music and a balloon release.

Unique to this year’s Afterschool program at Fremont City Schools is the Classroom to Careers program for students in grades 9 through 12.

After school celebration

Classroom to Careers Afterschool program specifically assist those students who are below proficiency in math and reading, and come from economically disadvantaged households. Twenty students will be enrolled in the Classroom to Careers program per year. The program is funded through 2022. Students in the program receive an extensive needs assistance evaluation that will assess their family needs, academic needs, and career preferences. Each student will be provided with an individualized support plan that includes afterschool tutoring, homework assistance, mentoring, internships, and on-the-job training.

Clyde McPherson Afterschool students will be engaging in unique curricula as well, as Lego robotics and programming are a regular part of their course activities.

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