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GLCAP teacher assistant pursues dream of becoming a teacher

GLCAP teacher assistant pursues dream of becoming a teacher

GLCAP Stricker Family Development Center teacher assistant Betsy Moreland (left) with teacher Ashleigh Lowe.


Betsy Moreland first came to Great Lakes Community Action Partnership’s Head Start program as a parent. Now, she is on the verge of becoming a teacher.

For 16 years, Betsy has been a teacher assistant at GLCAP’s Stricker Family Development Center in Fremont. As a teacher assistant, she works with preschool children in one of the center’s Head Start classrooms, helping students learn and grow, and charting their progress along the way. Betsy’s own children were in Early Head Start Home-Based Program and attended preschool at the center. The experience encouraged her to start working in the classroom.  

“I really admired the program and decided this might be something I want to pursue,” Betsy said. "I love working with preschool children and seeing their growth and independence that they gain in such a short period of time.”

Betsy's children are now grown, and she is pushing herself further by pursuing an associate's degree in prekindergarten care and education through Eastern Gateway Community College. With plans to graduate in December 2022, Betsy hopes to continue her education and obtain her bachelor’s degree.

Betsy said that while the job can be stressful, it is also extremely rewarding. Not only has she seen students develop in the classroom, but Betsy has also been able to see how many of her former students are succeeding in high school.  

“My husband is an electrical trades instructor at Vanguard and now has students that were students of mine. Seeing my preschoolers grow up to be successful young adults has been one of my favorite parts of this job,” she said.  

“Knowing I had a part in their 'head start' is a wonderful feeling. Even on my hardest days these children inspire me to come to work and hopefully make a difference."

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