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Free rides on Fremont Shuttle for Ohio Loves Transit Day

Free rides on Fremont Shuttle for Ohio Loves Transit Day

TRIPS Fremont Shuttle will offer free rides for passengers on Friday, Feb. 14, to recognize Ohio Loves Transit Day.

The shuttle, which is a service of Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP), will be free to ride as a token of appreciation for current passengers, and means of encouraging new passengers to give the shuttle a try.

“We encourage anyone who wants to ride Fremont Shuttle to join us on Ohio Loves Transit Day,” GLCAP Rural Transit Director Jacquie Wells said. “The day is a good chance for anyone who’s never ridden the shuttle to take a ride.”

The TRIPS Fremont Shuttle runs weekdays 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and stops at nine locations throughout the City of Fremont every hour. Locations include (minute of arrival indicated):

  • Department of Job and Family Services (:00)
  • Liberty Center (:07)
  • Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (:11)
  • Fort Stephenson (:15)
  • ProMedica Memorial Hospital (:23)
  • Community Health Services (:28)
  • Kroger (:35)
  • Sandusky County YMCA (:40)
  • Wal-Mart (:45)

Passengers do not need to schedule in advance to ride the shuttle. Riders should be at the location of pick up five minutes prior to the time indicated to ride.

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